About Us


Francine Deutsch, the founder and president of Leadership Enterprises, is a well-established leadership development researcher, coach, and consultant. She was a university professor for thirty years at two major research institutions and served as department chair for a decade.  She taught a variety of courses including human development, research assessment and evaluation, and management, administration and leadership. Professor Deutsch, asking for early separation from university duties, has been granted emeritus status.

FRANCINE DEUTSCH, PH.D.For almost twenty years, Dr. Deutsch has been affiliated with an international nonprofit educational institution, The Center for Creative Leadership, where she serves as Senior Adjunct Trainer and Feedback Coach. A supporter of “life-long” learning, she maintains numerous assessment certifications and provides services to a number of executive and organizational development firms. Fran often consults on program design and revision, trains other consultants in the feedback process, reviews performance across numerous instruments and programs, and conducts special training sessions on a variety of instruments and preferred methodologies.  Distant feedback, coaching, and team building are among her specialties. She has a market niche in coaching young adults, often the children of clients, where she applies both her developmental and leadership expertise in helping them navigate life choices.

Dr. Deutsch’s strong commitment to public health is reflected in her work developing educational materials and serving health care professionals nationally and internationally. For several years she has been a consultant to the Public Health Institute in Berkeley, CA and serves as a coach to several members of their senior management team. Since 1995 she has worked with the Maternal Child Health Divisions, Departments of Social Services, universities, and various hospitals and clinics in the delivery of services to high-risk populations.  

Her clients include government agencies and Fortune 500 companies from the aerospace, automotive, banking, financial services, insurance, health care, hi-technology, manufacturing, oil, gas, mining, paper, out placement and pharmaceutical industries. Among these companies, Fran has had experience with M & As, IPOs, start-ups, and global integration. She has authored more than 50 articles, books, tapes and films on development, assessment and evaluation. She has been a faculty member with the Advanced Management program at the Graduate School of Business, University of California, Riverside, Temecula Leadership Academy and a senior associate with several executive and organizational development firms. Dr. Deutsch is a trained Mediator and has completed the Harvard Program on Negotiation.

Fran holds a Ph.D. in Human Development from Pennsylvania State University where she also earned an M.S. Degree in Human Development with an emphasis in Psycholinguistics. Her A.B. Degree is in Psychology and Sociology from Albright College. Fran was appointed by the Surgeon General to study the impact of television violence; has produced multimedia materials which received national acclaim; and was honored as a Dansforth Fellow and a National Science Foundation Fellow.

She has received various citations of commendation for outstanding community service such as for her work on values clarification, communication enhancement, and interpersonal relationships development with police officers and community constituents following the LA riots. Fran supports community outreach and continues to serve on not-for-profit boards.

Fran enjoys agility training and power walking her dogs, gardening, cooking, and writing.


Carole Leland, a principal in Leadership Enterprises, has spent more than half her career in the field of leadership development—as researcher, teacher, executive coach and consultant. In addition to her work in executive development, she has focused on the areas of experiential learning and leadership diversity. She is well known for her facilitation of executive planning and problem solving, designing leadership development programs and teaching leadership in both the private and public sectors.

CAROLE LELAND, Ph.D.From 1987-1996, Dr. Leland was a professional staff member of The Center for Creative Leadership serving as a Program Manager and Senior Faculty member at the San Diego branch. She led the Women’s Leadership Program and managed the Looking Glass Experience, as well as teaching and coaching in scheduled and customized programs. In 1995,The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) designated Dr. Leland a Senior Fellow in Leadership Diversity, an honor granted by the Center’s Board of Governors for distinguished service to the Center and national recognition in a designated field. She continues her work with CCL as an Honorary Senior Fellow and Senior Adjunct Faculty member. For six years she was a member of a CCL team providing programs on leadership for transition and change for the Canadian government. Her distance learning program “Women As Leaders” sponsored by CCL and PRIMEDIA Workplace Learning, was awarded second place for the Best Distance learning Series at the 16th Annual TeleCon Academy Awards of Teleconferencing.

Dr. Leland’s commitment to public health has provided Leadership Enterprises with consulting and coaching assignments in both international and domestic organizations. Most recently she serves as lead consultant for a foundation-sponsored project working with the Minister of Health and his senior team in Ethiopia, an example of her interest in developing government leaders. She is currently affiliated with the Public Health Institute, the International Family Planning Leadership Program, the Global Health Fellowship Program and USAID. Her client list includes work with major multi-national corporations in the technology, transportation, pharmaceutical, energy, financial services arenas as well as government agencies, foundations and higher education. Dr. Leland has been a member of the Advisory Council and core faculty of the Rutgers University Center for Strategic Urban Community Leadership where her teaching and service were honored with a special citation. She has been a faculty member with the Advanced Management program at the Graduate School of Business, University of California, Riverside, the Stennis Center’s Southern Women in Public Service, and a senior associate with several executive and organizational development firms.

Dr. Leland is co-author with Helen S. Astin of the highly acclaimed Women of Influence, Women of Vision:A Cross-Generational Study of Leaders of Social Change (Jossey Bass, 1991), which Warren Bennis has called “the single best book on women and leadership.” She is a Past President and Board member of the National Society for Experiential Education, and has held faculty and administrative posts at the City University of New York, Pennsylvania State University, Columbia University, the College Entrance Examination Board, and Brown University. Her bachelors degree, magna cum laude in English, is from Syracuse University where she recently received the Distinguished Alumni award in the College of Arts and Sciences. She completed the masters degree in education at Harvard and her doctorate in higher education and sociology at Stanford where she was a Carnegie Fellow. Currently, she serves on the Board of Vistors for the College of Arts and Sciences, Syracuse University and the Board of Directors for Athena International.

Carole enjoys photography, the arts, travel, and interactions with her dogs.