Mission Statement

Leadership Enterprises is committed to developing leadership capacity and effecting change for individuals and organizations. Our success will be determined by delivering top-tier Executive Coaching, Team Development and Feedback Systems that meet our clients desired goals and influences their future.

Our Philosophy

We believe that developing leadership capacity is a process that requires time and commitment from individuals and organizations. We collaborate with clients to design interventions that are in their best interests. We bring credible effective efficient processes based on decades of experience and expertise. We take time to know our clients and their organizations. We customize our programs, assessments, and interventions. We do not profess to have the ‘right way’ or ‘truth’ but rather seek to understand what is needed and then use our 50+ years of expertise and experience to meet widely varying needs. In our quest for the best for our clients, we may tap our network of associates for staffing. We find the power points in organizations that develop support and sustain individuals rather than extending our consulting over time. We work ourselves out of the business by finding internal resources, support systems, and people in the organization to sustain our influence. We strive to make the client independent of the consulting relationship, which means as we work with the client we see LE more as a resource and less as an intervener.

If leadership is what you do, then character is what you have and leaders are who you are. We believe that any individual, group, team, organization can learn, grow, change – develop -- if motivated and open to the possibility. Then, we determine the how’s from necessary skill sets to opportunities for practice to effect and sustain change. Development starts with self. How aware are you of yourself? What do you do well? What could you do better? What personal leadership style do you believe you exhibit and what do others perceive?

As we journey down the path of self-discovery, we include others and the processes become more robust and interconnected. We believe that context is critical and individuals function within multiple contexts and in multiple roles. We need an understanding of this complexity with its change and transitions. Focal points can shift from individuals to dyads to teams. Our goals and measures of success often shift. An intervention begets the next appropriate intervention. We are mindful and respectful of the power of process. We strive to maximize potential for individuals, groups, and organizations as we meet desired goals.
All our work is confidential.

For us life is not a dress rehearsal. Learning is lifelong. Where is life taking you?


Life continually changes. The need for leadership development doesn’t.