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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a process in which an individual and an experienced, trusted person have a series of time-limited, confidential, one-on-one conversations designed to help the individual improve effectiveness. This often involves telephone sessions which allow for ‘on-call’ coaching and 7/24 service. The LE Coach focuses on achieving the individual’s goals by understanding the work setting and integrating learning insights with specific job responsibilities, challenges, and the goals of the organization. Personal styles often trigger Executive Coaching. To illustrate: Direct reports want more responsibility from a micromanaging supervisor; peers have identified a member who is untrustworthy; a manager needs more communication from her boss; an executive wants to be more creative; a manager wants people to see him as more supportive and not as demanding; a direct report is seen as stubborn, etc.


Typically, individuals want to be more or less of something or want to stop or start something.  What is there that you do at work that you wish you could increase, decrease, stop or start?


I wish I could do more  _____________________.

I wish I could do less  ______________________.

I want to stop ______________________________.

I want to start ______________________________. 


Consider those around you and apply the same model? 


I wish Ms/Mr ‘X’ did more  _____________________.

I wish Ms/Mr ‘X’ did less  ______________________.

I want Ms/Mr ‘X’ to stop ______________________________.

I want Ms/Mr ‘X’ start ______________________________. 


Gathering information like this from you plus others in your work environment would help your LE Executive Coach tailor the process to meet your desired outcomes.


Change, transition, and barriers that limit growth and/or effectiveness often indicate prime coaching opportunities. Check all that apply for you.

Information from such questions helps us learn about the organization and your experiences and goals which produces customized LE Executive Coaching.


Leadership Enterprises holds certifications from a number of organizations and companies and have met their rigorous standards to utilize a wide variety of assessments. We also maintain our qualifications and approvals to serve as executive coaches by BP, International Health Programs, Nokia, Pfizer, Public Health Institute, The Center for Creative Leadership, The Center for Strategic Urban Leadership, US Agency for International Development, and many other organizations.


For further information please contact Leadership Enterprises at 619.469.1506 or email AskUs@leadershipenterprises.com.


Publications on Executive Coaching include: Making Mentoring Happen:  Being a Successful Coach.