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Feedback Systems

Feedback Systems are designed to gather information. They use different assessment driven methodologies such as interviews, observations, focus groups, custom surveys, multi-rater feedback, and archives. Data are examined by benchmarking, content analysis, and an array of statistical analyses. Appropriate feedback to the person, executive team, or board is followed by a written report. The vehicle for the feedback can vary from a telephone conference call with parties in remote sites to a formal presentation. Next, we partner with the client to determine the ‘best’ intervention and follow-up and evaluation options. We maximize lasting intervention impact and ROI. Individual data are respected and confidentiality is always maintained.

LE expertise and experience with Executive Coaching and Team Development are a wealthy resource. It is not uncommon for LE to evolve a ‘train the trainer’ design working with a client to become independent, providing service internally.

Many individuals like to ‘know where they stand,’ ‘how they stack up against others,’ and ‘what others think/feel about them.’ There are many systems in place in organizations for the purpose of providing feedback. Visible feedback examples include: employee of the month, making the President’s Club or a recipient of a cruise for making a sales figure. Although, indeed ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder,’ knowing how you fit in, meet expectations and realize goals are critical for personal motivation, job satisfaction and organizational success. Feedback Systems become even more critical during times of organizational change and transition.

Giving, getting, and using feedback are powerful processes. Are you a candidate for feedback?


Would you like to know?


Would you like to tell someone else that . . .


If yes is the answer to any of these questions/statements, then you are a likely candidate to learn how to give, get, or use feedback more effectively.

Leadership Enterprises has designed many feedback systems and developed custom programs for companies including proprietary workshops for sophisticated, highly knowledgeable individuals in the field. LE has collaborated with an internationally recognized competitor to produce the best product for the client. We are resourceful. We are experienced. We have 96% return business.

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