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Team Development

Team Development enhances people’s effectiveness to communicate, relate, and interact. Individuals with distinct skill sets often form groups of varying numbers to complete tasks or accomplish goals, such as auditors or a due diligence unit. Team members typically have complementary skills, and are committed to common purposes, performance goals, and working approaches. They provide some degree of emotional support to each other and along with the organization hold themselves mutually accountable. No longer just face-to-face units, teams quite often are geographically dispersed and rely on technology and strategic mechanisms to interact. The team transforms into a high performance unit, as emotional support and trust in each other moves to a deeper commitment to one another’s personal growth and success.

Over the past decade the focus of a team has shifted to an emphasis on mutual support, individual and joint accountability, and trust-based relationships. Organizations often need individuals to: play multiple roles, work together interchangeably, show continuous improvement, and develop a replacement. Getting people to buy into goals, to help shape direction, and to learn can be exceedingly challenging for organizations.

Could your team improve how it:


If you have checked one or more of the boxes, then working with us on Team Development can only enhance your skills in the areas you identified.

Leadership Enterprises has designed and facilitated activities and simulations that address the above areas and many others. For example our Creative Marketing Strategies (CMS) is a simulation that utilizes teamwork and technology to deliver a product in a specified time period meeting certain criteria. CMS is designed to adapt to different industries and organizations. Or, we utilize the flexibility of our Values Insight Profile (VIP) to do a variety of things such as: have teams identify common values and areas of difference; to determine how a team’s perceptions of values aligns with the organization; to ascertain clarification in understanding how team members walk the talk; and to deal with real and ideal perspectives at different levels.

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Publications on Team Development include: Creative Marketing Strategies (CMS)